Cricket World Cup 2015 Kids Activities — January 13, 2015

Cricket World Cup 2015 Kids Activities

I created a bunch of Cricket World Cup 2015 themed activities to keep my kids entertained during the school holidays. I have updated some of them so they include all nations – however a couple of them are only for Australian supporters 🙂

CWC 15 – Bookmarks – Cut out bookmarks with your team

CWC 15 – Bunting – Country Names – Bunting with the names of all participating teams

CWC 15 – Bunting – Flags – Bunting with the flags of all the participating nations.

My kids used a combination of the above to create a composite bunting of their favourite teams.

CWC 15 – Word Puzzle – Australian Team – Find the names of the Australian team

CWC 15 – Word Puzzle – Team Names – Find the names of the all the participating nations

CWC 15 – Word Puzzle – Young Kids – Suitable for younger kids – find the cricket related words in the puzzle

If you do download and use any of the above, please tweet or share the final result.

Travelling with Kids – Yamba — January 2, 2015

Travelling with Kids – Yamba

We come to Yamba ( atleast once a year for a week long beach holiday. It is a great family destination, and all our kids (2, 7 and 10 years old) love visiting.

Getting here

There are daily flights from Sydney to Ballina and Gold Coast. We normally fly to  Ballina on JetStar and then rent a car. We once flew into the Gold Coast and drove from there, however it is a much longer drive. The flight times to Ballina are quite good as well as you could depart Sydney at lunch time and be in Yamba by dinner. On the way back, you could do the same, and have lunch in Yamba, drive to Ballina and be back in Sydney by dinner time. It should be noted that there is NO public transport in Yamba, so if you don’t have a car, you must be prepared to walk. Having said that, if you stay anywhere near Main, Turner or Pippy’s beach you can easily walk to town (15 min walk max) – however it is quite hilly so it could be hard for little kids.


As mentioned earlier, during the school holidays most of the accommodation is weekly rentals. Every real estate agent has their own website with a complete listing. Most units don’t provide linen, however it can be rented locally. During school holidays and especially Christmas, every rental property gets booked out – so get in early. Moreover, every property is “cleaned” between 10 and 2 on Saturday, so the quality of the clean is very superficial. Outside of school holidays you can get the holiday rentals for only a few days if required.

Breakfast/Coffee Places

A list of all my TripAdvisor reviews for Yamba can be found at

For Coffee and Breakfast, I would recommend the following

1. Irons and Craig on Cold Stream St – limited menu but freshly prepared, good food at a reasonable price. Lots of room for pram storage and high chairs available. They also have an outdoor seating area in the front and out the back.

2. A new cafe (with no name) next to the Plank Shop on Clarence Street. This place has the best coffee in Yamba – we were addicted and visited every morning. The cafe is small with a very limited menu. There is only one shared table indoors and high chairs facing out from the front window. There are no high chairs. There is some seating outdoors and, since the street is not very busy, we sat outside with the kids and let them run around.

3. Caperberry on Coldstream St. A Yamba institution, however it is very cramped and on a major intersection (as major as you get in Yamba). Not much room for kids, however they do have high chairs and a standard breakfast menu.

Lunch/Dinner places

1. Sol Cantina on Coldstream St. Normal mexican fare with outdoor seating. Good food, quick service and not too spicy.

2. The Tavern: The only place in Yamba that has a kids play area alongside the restaurant. Bistro style food with normal kids menu The play area is shaded and you can watch the kids from all tables.

Things to Do

1. Movies: Yamba Cinemas – all shows all day $8. Small theatre but has the latest releases.

2. Surfing Lesson: Jeremy (+61 405 388 581) runs group or individual surfing lessons on most week days at Turners Beach. He is best contacted by text on his mobile.

3. Skate Park at the end of Coldstream street. Has ramps of various heights and complexity for varying skill levels. There is also a little playground with slides around the back for little kids.

4. Library across from the Bowling Club. Has a huge selection of kids books and activities.

Enjoy your visit.

Getting time away — December 4, 2014

Getting time away

Last week my wife and I went away for a few nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was the first time in 5 years that the kids had been away from both of us for 3 nights. And while they enjoyed the time spent with their grandparents, I think we enjoyed the time away just as much.

We got to do things that were simple but something that we never seem to get time to do anymore. We went on walks, ate dinner at a leisurely pace, sat around and read books/newspapers etc. Most importantly we got to talk….without being interrupted.

We love our kids and we live for them. They make our lives worth living and give us joy and enjoyment every day and in everything that they do. However, spending alone and quality time just with my wife made me realise how much I still loved her and why I had fallen in love with her all those years ago.

Most of the conversations reverted back to the kids, however they ranged from the past – funny/interesting things they had done – to the future – what lay ahead for them. It gave us pause to realise that time was fleeting and how their personalities had developed the past few years.

I think sometimes, we get so caught up with living our lives, doing the daily chores, that we don’t pause to reflect on what we have. It is a fault that I have and I am sure others do too. Kids are relentless, chores are never ending, house work is limitless, work is time consuming and balancing it all stressful. However, spending just a few days alone with my life partner, the person I want to share everything with, the person who makes me laugh and makes me angry more than anyone else in the world, the person who completes me – made me realise how lucky my life really was.

The dishes can wait …while I give my kids another hug, the late night work can be paused … while I give my wife another hug. Most importantly jobs and chores can be delayed while I enjoy the moment that is now.

Date Night — October 22, 2014

Date Night

Having two boys under 10, it is very hard to spend any quality time individually with them. For the past few months, my wife and I have been having date night with the kids. Once a month, I take one child out for dinner while she takes the other and we alternate. The kids get to decide where to go and they get one on one time with a parent. Personally it has been a very insightful experience and I get a very interesting comprehension of what they are thinking and is top of mind for them. My eldest talked about his friends and sport in our last dinner. My youngest, on the other hand, talked about Maths and spent the whole dinner explaining why he loved it and looked forward to lessons.

Its a special treat for the kids with a single parent with their undivided attention. And most importantly, what is discussed at dinner is beyond reproach and creates a safe place to share thoughts.

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