There are a number of Qantas flights where you can stream movies and TV shows directly to your personal device via the Qantas QStreaming app. Unfortunately this app is only available on IOS and Android. So, if you are like me, and travel with a work computer/tablet – which is a Windows – you miss out.

Follow these steps to enable the QStreaming service on Windows (tested on Windows 8/10) – and you don’t even need an app – just your browser.

On board, connect to the “Q Streaming 1” or “Q Streaming 2” network.


Once connected, open your browser. I have tested on Firefox and Internet Explorer – however it doesn’t work on Microsoft Edge.


Your browser should automatically take you to the Qantas QStreaming home page – if it doesn’t – type in in the web address window.

You can now browse and view anything and everything that is on the Qantas App.


Note: The first time you try and watch a video it will download and install a player. This doesn’t need to be pre-downloaded and will happen when you start to view something.

Enjoy all Qantas has to offer – on any Windows device.