They say kids live in the moment and with 3 kids under 10, I find myself living in their moments as well. Each day is a random collection of memories, experiences and learnings. I like the word “learnings” over “mistakes” as I hope I learn something new everyday as much as my kids. As much as I have tried to organise, categorise and strategise to ensure each morning and afternoon is a simplified “template” that is repeatable, reality is very much different. I know my kids will be home from school in a few hours and I know they will have afternoon tea, followed by a play, followed by dinner, bath and bed. However, I also know that while the schedule and framework will remain the same, the moments and instances in between will be new, random and unique.

This is what I enjoy most about fatherhood. It is the spontaneity of each experience. It is the uniqueness of each moment. It is the randomness of each interaction. It is what makes me wake up each morning looking forward to the day. It is what puts a smile on my face when I go to bed each night. It is what makes me proud, annoyed, happy and angry throughout the day.

This blog is an attempt to document and share some of my experiences in living my life with my kids. I don’t have any aspirations from this blog and it is a way for me to preserve the moments…..